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Customer from China
The Staff is very friendly

Customer from Kuala Lumpur
I like the Tenom’s coffee. I will visit Borneo Recipe every time I come to Kota Kinabalu.

Customer from Korea
I like the local sweet /candy so much.

Customer from Korea
We are happy to shop at Borneo Recipe.

Lennon Law

Lennon Law

High quality of layer cake imported from Kuching. A lot of foreigners like to travel to Kuching to buy it. It’s actually very good!

Product Categories

Natural Homemade Soap

Our natural handmade soap is locally produced in Sabah. It’s made from non-artificial products and naturally safe for household use. We have a variety of different raw materials selection which brings various soothing effects. Come Read more…

Old Friend brand

Old Friend is our company brand. Our products include, Tongkat Ali (Malaysian national treasure), various flavors of nougat, all kinds of flavored egg rolls, different flavors of dried fruit, coffee, coffee beans, natural handmade soap, Read more…


All of the souvenirs are 100% locally handmade from Sabah. The design of the souvenir is very special and it is the best choice to be given to friend and relative.